Masterwerk Records

Beverly Hills, CA United States

Bio: Masterwerk Records has released a number of r&b/pop/dance compilation cd's as well as film and television credits that include: MTV's Punk'd (Cruel Groove from Jonathan Morning CD HI) Invasion (ABC music cues) American Yakuza (Columbia Tristar original songs) Bloodsport II (DEM trailor) Little Learner (Via Multimedia original game score) Learning To Fly (Self Help Workplace original infomercial score) The Adventures Of Allen Strange (Nickelodeon original score and songs) Timeless Heroes (Divicomm original documentary score) Wings Over The Atlantic (original score) The Real Deal (ABC TV Special original songs)
Recent credits include commercials for Bigen hair products,
rethink Athens and Humanic shoes. Our flair and diversity guarantee a winning production!
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