• Artist: Friday Night Fever
  • Title: Glamour Kills (Live Your Life in Color)
  • Genre: Pop - Electronic, Rock - Pop Rock, Pop - Pop Rock, Electronic - Electronic Pop
  • Mood: Up/Positive
  • Speed: Mixed
  • Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Noises, Distorted Guitar (Heavy, Aggressive), Textures/pads, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Loops/Samples, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 26/07/2010
  • Lyric themes: Weather, Falling in Love
  • Lyrics: mmm...you're fresh, Oh yeah!N' I'm-a-diggin the way you dressYou're my babybaby baby!You're a dime, That's right!And Oh my God you're fineYou'remy baby baby baby!So step upInto the highest healsAnd you'll seeThatyou're Glamour kills...me :)So slip outsideThe air is rightTo spreadour wingsAnd learn to flyLets live our livesIn colors so bright.Oh,You favor the sunWith your GK on!That's my baby baby babyThink of ahappier thoughtSo we won't grow upYou'll be my one and only baby!A stepupFrom being overwhelmedBy your loveAnd how your Glamour kills...me:)So step outsideThe air is rightTo spread our wingsAnd learn toflyLets live our livesIn colors so brightThe summer breezeIs all weneedTo sweep us upAnd off our feetLets live our livesIn colors sobright that we sing,Oh Gee!, Okay!Your glamour killsBut in the bestwayOh Gee!, Okay!When I sing, you smile at meYou look fresh, Ohyeah!N I'm-a-diggin the way you dressYou're my baby baby baby!You're atenAmen!And we'll be kickin it til the endCuz you're my baby babybaby!Lets live our lives in colors so bright...
  • Keywords: upbeat, pop, Bubblegum, Guitar, Sounds of the 2000's, Decades, Rock, Pop
  • Ending type: Fade Out

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