The Disrupt Aging® Collection

Getty Images and AARP—the nation's largest non-profit nonpartisan organisation dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age — are proud to present a new collection that redefines what it means to get older. While older adults live increasingly full lives, aging is often depicted in images as a time of isolation and dependency, or a lifestyle of leisure devoid of intergenerational friendships. In fact, 80% of people 50 and over say they are stereotyped by marketers. By releasing a collection of images that portrays a more authentic picture of aging, Getty Images and AARP are changing the conversation.

Launching with over 1,400 images, the Disrupt Aging® Collection captures everyday moments that help break stereotypes and combat ageist biases. How will you change the face of aging? License the imagery for your next campaign and check back often as the collection continues to grow.